Taking it to the next level is what Frank LoPiccolo, CEO/Founder of TigerLyfe knows a little something about.

Just released is the new single, ‘TigerLyfe’ by Sage English and produced by DJ SwanQo…yes, the same producer who produced the Cardi B single, ‘Get Up 10’. That certainly counts for something, right?

It does, because the new single ‘TigerLyfe’ makes you want to prepare for battle with a take no prisoners mentality. It’s the fight song for anyone willing to take the first steps in an uphill battle against yourself to achieve the impossible (or not so impossible)…your dreams. Listening to the lyrics delivered by Sage English as the beats funnel into your soul, makes it impossible to not feel the energy and vibes radiating from this new song. It makes you want to strive ahead against all odds, knocking the challenges down one by one until the only thing you see, is you. Raw, energized and ready to take on whatever is thrown your way.

Continuously expanding the TigerLyfe empire, Frank knows a thing or two about when to step back and when to pounce. The single, ‘TigerLyfe’ is definitely one of those defining, pouncing moments. Why? Easy. Starting the hustle every day at 5am, with a ‘do what you have to do, I’ll sleep when I’m dead’ mentality has proven to pay off. Not only because of the song’s new release, but also for the dedication behind TigerLyfe Energy Drink, being a huge advocate and sponsor for Triton Fights and the amateur MMA fighters, TigerLyfe Entertainment, TigerLyfe Style, TigerLyfe Times, well, I think you the point.

‘TigerLyfe’ by Sage English, the new single produced by DJ SwanQo is available on iTunes and Spotify. Be sure to add this to your playlist. You’ll listen to it again and again. Because I’m a tiger in this life, I got stripes…BOOM!

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