TigerLyfe Entertainment and Triton Fights have hired Infinite 11’s Joe Palma and Brian Oliver to pen the reality series ‘FightLyfe’ based on the true story of the amateur fighters rough and tumble journey to who knows where.

Some might call it the alignment of the stars; Others may see it as a divine trinity. But what it really is, is the perfect storm. The collaboration of Frank LoPiccolo, President of TigerLyfe, Nic Canobbio, President of Triton Fights and Chris Macchi, the official Triton Fights Matchmaker are conspiring to deliver a Reality Television Show based on a behinds the scenes look of what it takes to deliver the largest amateur MMA event(s) in New York.

Get up close and personal as our camera crews follow the fighters, their sacrifice, hard work and determination as they prepare day in and day out for fight night. You think you really know what an MMA fighter goes through to get into the ring, but no, you really don’t. Working through the mental stress and game against themselves is a daily battle of will. Then there’s the physical side of things. Training every day to be in the best shape to get the job done. And yes, there is spiritual preparation of mind over matter, thinking and staying positive and seeing themselves as the title champ for their weight class even before the fight begins. Putting out those winning vibes into the Universe so it comes right back to them.

And as if that were not enough, we will also take a behind the scenes look at the life of Frank LoPiccolo, Nic Canobbio and Chris Macchi who work continuously on making sure they deliver nothing but the best results for MMA fans. Along with bringing the best possible MMA fights to the fans and the public, they also run the logistics behind ‘setting the stage’ leading up to and on fight night and they put together the best possible MMA matches that can be delivered to you for your entertainment enjoyment.

Watch as the sweat drips off their foreheads, listen as they breathe heavy while training and get pumped to cheer them on as they enter the cage. While you never know who’s going to win, you can certainly root for your favorite fighter when you watch our show and with major network interest already, we look forward to delivering an exciting and entertaining Reality Show.

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