TigerLyfe Founder and CEO, Frank LoPiccolo, has a multi-faceted and very successful brand ranging from TigerLyfe Energy, the newly launched and great tasting energy drink to TigerLyfe Style and now, Frank’s latest (and first) endeavor, TigerLyfe Entertainment.

TigerLyfe Entertainment is Frank’s passion because this is where it all began. All of the other brands within the TigerLyfe family are because of TigerLyfe Entertainment which was Frank’s first business. He wanted and needed a way to fund TigerLyfe Entertainment so he focused his energies on his other entrepreneurial ventures and it is now paying off.

Just when it looks as though TigerLyfe cannot go any higher, TigerLyfe Entertainment breaks through the barriers with its very first feature film, The Book of Paul. The Book of Paul, written by Joseph J Palma and Brian Robert Oliver and produced by TigerLyfe Entertainment and The Infinite Eleven is a harrowing tale about a deranged man-child who watches the every move of new, beautiful female tenant who just moved in upstairs as she becomes obsessed about the disappearance of the young prostitute who lived there before her.

The writers behind the The Book of Paul, Joseph J Palma and Brian Robert Oliver, have previously worked together as they were teamed up by Freefall Films to collaborate on a different project and they have been a dynamic duo ever since. Hence their feature film, The Book of Paul. Brian and Joseph have created impeccable screenplays and a collection of anthology based series that are currently under consideration from some Hollywood heavyweights.

TigerLyfe Entertainment is proud to be producing this film alongside the Infinite Eleven. It’s been a path that Frank has been on from the beginning and to witness the fruition of a dream is an amazing testament to all of the hard work and sacrifices Frank and TigerLyfe have experienced. The best news is this is just the beginning as Frank has serious plans for where TigerLyfe Entertainment is going.

The Book of Paul

Written by: Joseph J Palma & Brian Robert Oliver

Logline: A deranged man-child watches the every move of the beautiful woman upstairs as she
becomes obsessed about the disappearance of a young prostitute.

At 24 Perkins Lane there is a large, two story house partitioned into two apartments — one on top, and
one on the bottom. There is a basement in this house, and in that basement lives Paul, an overweight
and troubled man-child. Upstairs from Paul lives his 72 year old, God fearing mother, Doris, the owner
of the house. What appears to be a sweet, elderly woman caring for her slow, yet harmless son is but a
calculated lie. In the confines of the basement, Doris is an authoritative mother who keeps Paul
medicated and subdued. When the young woman upstairs, Stacey, goes missing, Doris keeps a
suspicious eye on Paul.

Now we meet Gabby, as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside, which is why men tend to take
advantage of her. Fleeing a home washed away by a hurricane and a cheating husband, Gabby moves
herself and her wise cracking daughter, Tiffany, into the apartment above Doris. Doris immediately
goes on high alert when she finds that Gabby’s husband won’t be living there, and for good reason.
The day Gabby moves in, she finds a hidden diary belonging to the previous tenant, Stacey. In the diary
it is revealed that Stacey was a 25 year old prostitute without family or friends. Gabby becomes
obsessed with Stacey’s disappearance, a nice refuge from her own problems that have only just begun
to pile up.

Within days, Gabby’s life begins to parallel Stacey’s life as a tenant at 24 Perkins Lane. Stacey
befriended Paul, so does Gabby. Stacey fell for a cop named Danny, and Gabby meets a contractor
named Michael. This is where the trouble started for Stacey and begins for Gabby. Stacey’s pet
hamster is found dead, and in the current timeframe, Gabby finds her adopted cat drowned in the toilet
bowl. Suddenly, no one has seen Doris in days, and Paul begins to make a habit of watching Gabby
sleep at night. Soon Tiffany leaves, unable to trust her mom. Michael stops calling. Gabby is
depressed and completely alone, or so she thinks. Every move she makes, Paul is watching her. In the
throes of Paul’s obsession over Stacey, Paul had hidden small cameras and microphones all over the
apartment, and as fate would have it, his new obsession moved right in.

Gabby doesn’t suspect a thing until Paul reveals a crack in his slow façade. A mania induced misstep,
Paul confesses his love for Gabby, and clues her in on his snooping habits. Gabby decides she must
leave at once, but what she doesn’t know is that Stacey tried to do the same, but she never left. Paul
murdered Stacey and buried her in a shallow grave beneath the basement, and if Gabby is leaving, Paul
will stop at nothing to keep her with him. Whether by grave or by marriage, to Paul, it’s all the same.

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